The Orlando-based family law practice of Lee Sasser and Nancy Weber provides strategic legal counsel to men and women throughout Central Florida. Sasser and Weber, P.A. was formed in 1985 to help individuals and families reach the best possible outcomes during the divorce process.

What Makes Us Different Is Our Approach

What makes us different is our approach: while advocating for our clients, we consider the whole person and all aspects of his or her circumstances, as well as considering how the various options will affect the post-divorce family, which is most important when children are involved. There is a lot at stake in divorce, so we invest in forming a supportive team around each client to help him or her preserve their emotional well-being, future family relationships and reputations, and financial security.

Why Are Clients, Judges, and Attorneys So Satisfied With Our Services?

Why are clients, judges, and attorneys so satisfied with our services? Because we know the law. We respect the law and our profession. We understand that family law cases often involve much more than just money and we are sensitive to those emotional needs. For thirty-five years, our expertise, combined with our personal skills, have created a firm foundation for clients to move forward with their lives.

These are our practice areas: